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Chris Reich

Are You Going to Win the Lottery?

Hey Luminaries!

I want an honest answer to this question: If you buy a lottery ticket today, are you going to win?

Honest answer. You say….?

Okay, let me walk you through that “no” answer. First, someone will win eventually. If no one wins a particular drawing by having all the numbers, the money rolls over to the next drawing. In that case, I say, “buy another ticket.” Now, will you win?

Still no? Think about how profound that is. You have a ticket with a random chance of winning a prize and yet you believe that I cannot happen to you. Does random exclude you?

Yes, the odds are very long but you always have a chance of winning. Always.

If you cannot see any chance of winning a totally random event, how do you drag yourself through the day knowing you cannot win? Wait. Don’t argue with me. If your answer to the first question wasn’t ‘maybe’, you have a confidence problem.

If you have the slightest confidence problem, it will affect the results of your business. Period.

You will tend to the world of business as a game of chance and you have terrible luck. Great things just don’t happen to you. Guess what?! If you don’t believe that you are a winner, neither will anyone else.

Ever had that feeling? You look at your prospective new customer and see the doubt in their eyes. You think, “but I can do this.” Then the monkey in your head starts screaming, “no, the guy is right. This is too big for you.”

I’m not recommending lottery tickets as a wise investment. Nor am I saying that if you believe you will win, you will. I am saying that you should be able to spend $2 on a ticket and know in your heart that you have a great chance of winning.

Do it. The next time you think that you cannot win at anything, stop and say, “I can win this. I’m a freakin’ Luminary.”

Then come back to this page and tell me about it. And when you win the lottery, don’t forget who told you it was possible!

Have your best day ever, Luminaries!


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