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Hey Luminaries!

There is something that hurts your business more than you realize. We’ve heard it before but when we are struggling and stressed-out, find it hard to believe. Attitude makes a HUGE difference. When we are stressed, the tension does project to our clients and customers. They may not be conscious of our tension but they feel it. Maybe we give off a subtle scent!? Our customers feel our tension; it puts them on a defensive footing.

Having Bad Days

Haven’t you ever given a great deal only to be rejected? If your prospect smells fear, they back off no matter what you offer. Your attitude changes the game. If you can gin up some strongly positive feelings in yourself, that positivity will entice your prospect toward you. I’m not [yet] a believer in whacky new age ‘energy’ things, but it is fact that having a positive attitude helps people succeed. You know that. It’s just very hard to be positive when you feel the walls closing in and you need the next sale.
So Dude, all people included, how can you get positive when you feel like the world is ending?

You have to start early in your day before you start work. Tell yourself, “today is the day that I turn things around!” Sounds corny but it works.

You can’t turn on an act once you get to work. That’s what you’re doing now. It doesn’t work. You have to drill it into your head that today is going to be an incredible day full of victories—some big, some small.

Get an AttiDude!

I want you to adopt an AttiDude! Atta Boy! Atta Girl! (Spare me the correctness) You got AttiDude!

When you get in front of the mirror in the morning, tell that pretty face that, “Today is going to be an amazing day!” Say it until you feel a drop of positive juice hit your bloodstream. You will feel it. I guarantee that.

But simply telling yourself that you’ll have a good day isn’t enough to create a fabulous day. I know that. After you can feel more positive, get moving. As you go forward in your day, look for positive things that happen. Pay close attention to the good things! When we get under stress, it gets very hard to see the positive things that happen every day. You’ll have to WORK at this.

Here’s how this will go if you follow my advice. At first it will feel silly. GREAT! That might start your day with a chuckle. FINE. As you notice small little victories, your attiDude will start to bloom. You WILL feel it. At that point you’ll have a choice.

You can say, “no, this isn’t going to help me.” In which case you’ll crumble and the rest of your day will be the crap you expect.

Or you can say, “this is great! I actually feel better! I’ve got attiDude! I can be a Luminary!” In which case you WILL have a far better day.

Don’t believe me? Try it.

Have your best day ever, Luminaries!


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