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Business Drowning in Debt

Hey Luminaries!

This is going to be a short post. I’m writing from my hotel room in Orlando. I’m here to help a client but I also want to help YOU. If your business is drowning in debt, you have a few options.

Ignore it. That always makes problems better, right? You know better but that doesn’t make it easy to do.

You can borrow money. Good luck with that. You have probably used up your sources.

Finally, you can deal with the debt, the stress, and all the crap that goes with feeling like a failure. You can turn it around if you are willing to work with a relentless drive and focus.

If your business is carrying more debt that you can handle, fix it. I can help you. There is no shame in getting help. None. I can deal with your creditors to get you more time to pay. If things are real bad, I can negotiate a reduction in your debt. But here’s the rule. I will only help you if you agree to try to do things differently going forward. No creditor will listen if I can’t tell them there will be positive change.

Look, I don’t care what kind of business you are in, you can do a lot better. Debt is temporary. Sometimes debt helps us keep from going too deep in the wrong direction. How you got into debt is less important than how you will get out. In other words, I don’t care where you are today, I care only about where you want to go.

You might have come to this site looking for debt relief. There are companies that will negotiate a debt reduction but they will destroy your credit. I work to get you out of debt without hurting your credit. The deeper you get into trouble, the harder for me to pull you out. Don’t wait. Call me. Let’s get on this right away. Think about it, OK?

Then come back to this page and tell me about it.

Have your best day ever, Luminaries!


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