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Fearless Focus

Hey Luminaries!

Remember how you felt when you first started your business? There was a little fear, stress, doubt, and insecurity. But, you had much more confidence and faith in yourself and your ideas. After a couple of years, maybe longer, you are struggling to make ends meet and no longer feel energized to get to work. Your business went from being your path to success to being low-pay, high-stress job. To get on the road to riches, you need to get the fearless focus back. And you need to go down a better path. That’s called a second chance.

Fearless Focus

What is Fearless Focus? When you started your business (or bought it), you were more excited than afraid. You fearlessly took the plunge. You wanted this business and you worked hard to get it. When things didn’t take off, you responded with more work. You tried different things but nothing sparked major change. You worked harder still. You put in crazy time. You told your family you needed to focus on the business for a while. Maybe there was tension around your devotion to a business at the ‘expense’ of the family. We’ve all been guilty of that at some point. When the rewards never come, it gets hard to justify the toll the business is taking on your life. At this stage, stress and fear take more of your energy than you ever imagined.

As you met with obstacles, your faith in yourself eroded. You might get more criticism from family than support. They don’t understand all you are trying to do. As your confidence waned, so did the results from your business. Time to change that.

Get It Back

Fearless Focus can be recaptured. To get past the stagnation, you need to focus your mind and will back onto being the success you can be. Look, unless you have a really stupid business, you can succeed. There are very successful auto mechanics, hair salons, dental practices, restaurants, bars, consulting firms, and a zillion more. For every successful business, there are tons of others, in the same business, failing miserably. Why?

The successful business owner is relentless in the fight for success. Every fail is turned into a lesson. They know the only true fail is accepting the loss. Do take the time to look at things that aren’t working or do you work harder to keep it all going? When things aren’t going well, rather than double down on your work, work smarter than ever. Focus on what works and what doesn’t. Stop doing what doesn’t and double down on what does.

Fear is a big problem. Consider what it was like when you learned to ride a bike. If you were like me, you crashed a few times. I learned to ride a bike at my cousin’s house. The bike was way too big for me but I wanted to ride it. My cousins lived on a road with about a 1/4 mile downhill street. I would jump up on the seat, wobble like hell and point the bike downhill. My feet connected with the pedals for about 3/4 of the way around. But I loved the thrill of the ride. At the bottom of the street, I could somewhat slow down for my crash. Then I would walk up the hill for another ride. Each crash taught me something. Eventually, I could make a controlled turn and bring the bike to a stop. Then I would fall off because I couldn’t reach the ground. No problem. I knew the bike was too big. I just wanted to learn how to ride it, not stop it!

And there’s the thing. In business, after a crash or two, we no longer work to enjoy the ride. Our attention goes to avoiding crashes. The best way to avoid a crash is to stay off the bike.

As Luminaries, we want back on the bike! We have that Fearless Focus we had as kids. Screw the crash. We want to ride!

Do You Want Success More Than You Fear Failure?

If you want to succeed in your business, you must get to that place where you love the thrill more than you fear the crash. I got a bike for Christmas that year I learned to ride. I got this huge bike because I wanted a bike like the one I learned on. I put blocks on the pedals so I could reach them all the way round. I mastered that bike very quickly. You know what? At the ripe age of 7, that bike gave me a new freedom. It expanded my world from a block in the suburbs to miles from my home. (Yes, it was a different time but the lesson holds today!) That bike, and subsequent bikes, gave me the freedom to go where I wanted, when I wanted. I got that freedom from my bike because I was focused on learning to ride it and fearless about crashing. Fearless Focus at age 7 opened my world.

Your business should be like a first bike. You should ditch the fear, focus on what you want relentlessly, and let it open your world to fantastic new experiences. It’s not a job. Your business is the envy of the world. Don’t spend your life on training wheels. Get Fearless Focus and enjoy the ride.

Get There!

As adults, this may need to relearned. People who have a stroke often need a physical therapist to help them learn basic stuff, like walking. You might have lost some of your ability to have Fearless Focus. No matter. You can get it back. The sooner you get on that, the better. GET THERE!

Then come back to this page and tell me about it.

Have your best day ever, Luminaries!


Let’s Start Something Gnu. Get There.

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