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Take the First Step. You Will Soon Be Making More Money Than You Need (Seriously)

You Can Be Making More Money FAST

Are you ready to do a lot better in your business? If so, let’s get started.

I provide personal, direct 1:1 business advice and support that will, if you follow my advice, increase your income fast. You set the goals and I help you reach them. Businesses have paid $500 per hour to get the advice, encouragement, and coaching that you will enjoy with this limited time offer at a huge discount.

What Is More Money Than You Need?

That varies by person. Whatever amount takes you beyond your living and savings need is where you aim. Why work to just get by? When you are easily covering bills and living the life you want, the next dollar you make qualifies as making more than you need. That means financial freedom for you. You can travel or you can support a charity. That’s up to you. Most business owners who struggle set the goals too low. If you are working with this in mind, “I just want to cover the rent”, you will work hard, have stress, and you will just cover the rent.

Are You Ready To Start Living Again?

If you truly are ready to do what it takes to make your business work for YOU instead of the other way around, act now. I’m offering you expert guidance on how to greatly boost your income. This is a package of 5 hours of personalized work with me. You will get all the tools needed. A webcam is helpful. I will give you an excellent webcam! I can show you how to use it to make even more money!

No one else will be involved in your private sessions. It will be just you and me working on your business. I’ll ask you for information and give back money-making business advice and encouragement. I’ve helped hundreds of companies make money and I can help yours.

For $497 you get 5 hours of great advice and personal encouragement that will improve your situation. The first hour is FREE. So you get 6 hours at 80% off what I usually charge! AND, I’ll buy you a high-quality webcam to use in our meetings. I’ll teach you how to use your webcam to grow your business too!

Book your first hour.

Why not? It’s FREE. If you like what I can do in only an hour, schedule your next hour and pay for the discounted package. It’s that easy. Part of being a Luminary is being able to give back to the community. I’m giving this crazy level of service at a deep discount as my way of giving to you.

If you’re tired of going it alone. If you’re sick of the stress. If you feel totally discouraged. If you feel like quitting. Take the FREE hour, dummy. It’s FREE.¬† If you’re happy, then book the 5-hour package.

Here’s your first tip: Successful people take FREE stuff whenever they can. Why don’t you?


Note: Taking the FREE 1-hour consultation that will help you make more money does not obligate you in any way to do anything else. I do not require any pre-payments or credit card numbers. The free hour is free. It’s not a sales pitch. I will devote a full hour to helping you make more money. Sign up and see for yourself why my clients are so loyal!