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FREE Lottery Tickets

Hey Luminaries!

Are you struggling in your business? Are you getting freaked out over debt? Are you working hard and yet your business isn’t picking up? Maybe you need some good luck! Would you accept a FREE lottery ticket? Of course, you would. (As of today, one of the big lotteries is up to $1.6 BILLION dollars.)

Here’s my point. In order for us to have luck, we must be entered in the drawing. You’ve been to an event with a raffle. They have a big prize and several little prizes up for grabs. You don’t usually think of the people who do NOT win as the lucky ones. The winners are the ones with the luck.

Here’s my point. There are hundreds of drawings in your life every single day. But you never seem to win. My question for you is, “did you enter?”  You can’t win if you’re not entered.

Successful people know this secret. They enter everything they see. They know there are zillions of drawings for great prizes every day. Those successful people are experts at spotting the opportunity and throwing their card in the fishbowl. And because they enter a lot of drawings, they seem to be always winning! Their chances of winning are huge because most of us never enter the drawing.

Consider this blog post. You entered a drawing by reading this. If you follow the tip I’m giving you, you are improving your luck. That’s why you are a Luminary!

Let’s look at it this way. Let’s say you have a small store. You sell candles. It’s slow and you can’t cover your bills. You wait for customers. It’s stressful. No one comes in the door so you wait. You feel stressed so you decide to eat something. Then you get on Facebook. Then you watch a couple YouTube Videos. Well, it’s almost 5. You’ll get a lot done tomorrow.

That’s not being a Luminary!

If you have a struggling candle business, have you looked at your website lately? You can always improve that. Most struggling businesses have websites with zillions of typos! Now, when things are slow, go edit your website. Don’t know how? LEARN HOW! Do something for someone else. (I will be very grateful if you identify typos on my website)

When was the last time you added a new item to your store? When was the last time you did a deep-cleaning of your store? What if you made some aromatic tea and put out cookies? Have you ever written a blog post? All of these things are CHEAP if not FREE. And each of these could appeal to someone who might buy something from your candle store. What was the last book you read that added something to your skill set?

We make our luck. People who are successful are entered in all the drawings. They talk with people. They try new things. There is an old expression that says, “Activity Produces Activity”. That means that the more you do, the more there is to do. When we’re busy, we keep getting busier until we put things off. As our own activity drops, so does new activity. If you act, that will attract more activity. It’s true. If you start cleaning your office, the phone will ring!

You can buy a lottery ticket today. Despite the odds, you have as good of a chance to win as anyone else. Rather than buy lottery tickets, get busy with your business and I promise you that your luck will change for the better. Since a lottery ticket is only $2, you can get a ticket and get busy.

The more you do for yourself today, the more successful you will be tomorrow.

It will take a while before you can see the tons of drawings that you can enter daily. Once you start looking, they will get easier to see. Can’t see any? Call me. I’ll get you started.

Do it. The next time you find yourself saying that someone else is lucky, stop and say, “I am lucky! I can win. I’m a freakin’ Luminary.”

Then come back to this page and tell me about it.

Have your best day ever, Luminaries!


Let’s Start Something Gnu. Get There.

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