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Stop the Cascade!

Hey Luminaries!

Here’s a very important lesson for all Luminaries in Training. Beware the cascade effect. That’s when we are facing something bad and we allow that thing to cascade to a billion pending disasters rather than just dealing with it!

It’s like this. You are ready to go to work with a great positive attitude. When get to your car, you discover a flat tire. That means you’ll be late. That means you’ll lose that big deal. That means you won’t be able to cover the rent on time. That means you will have to close the business. That means going deeper in debt. That means losing your house. That means…


Successful people don’t act that way. They just seem to know better than those of us who have had to learn the lesson. When something bad happens, we deal with it. That’s very obvious to some people but not so to others. I’ve struggled with the cascade myself. If I don’t catch myself, I can still cascade when something really rotten comes my way.

If you are aware that the cascade is a thing, you’re on your way to defeating it.

If you find yourself cascading toward your own destruction, what can you do?

The first thing is to be aware that it’s happening. When you’re dealt a joker, stop and consider where your mind goes. When you feel that stomach clench, recognize what’s happening. Your dirty little brain operator wants to open the floodgates and let the stress hormones flow. The second you notice yourself being pulled in, STOP.

Instead of letting that little jerk upstairs stress you out, immediately put your focus on this one question: What do I do right now to fix this?

In the case above with the flat tire, you might call that important client who was going to do that big deal with you. The sooner you make that call, the better. Then focus on the tire.

You’ll have to learn how to prioritize your action. Don’t worry. That comes with practice. The key is halting the cascade and taking ANY action that makes the situation better.

Just stopping the cascade will make a huge difference in your stress level. Stuff that triggers the cascade happens all day long. It’s not the big stuff that eats us up. It’s the little things that cacade all day long that wear us down.

Do it. The next time something nasty heads its ugly rear in your face, stop and say, “I can fix this. I’m a freakin’ Luminary.”

Then come back to this page and tell me about it.

Have your best day ever, Luminaries!


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