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FREE Lottery Tickets

Lumination From Your Host Chris Reich Hey Luminaries! Are you struggling in your business? Are you getting freaked out over debt? Are you working hard and yet your business isn't picking up? Maybe you need some good luck! Would you accept a FREE lottery ticket? Of...

Are You Going to Win the Lottery?

Lumination From Your Host Chris Reich Hey Luminaries! I want an honest answer to this question: If you buy a lottery ticket today, are you going to win? Honest answer. You say....? Okay, let me walk you through that "no" answer. First, someone will win eventually. If...

Tell Her (or Him) to Shut Up

You’re going to have trouble with this tip but I promise you, if you do what I tell you, things will get better fast. Ready, Luminary?! Let’s get started.

Fearless Focus

Lumination From Your Host Chris Reich   Hey Luminaries! Remember how you felt when you first started your business? There was a little fear, stress, doubt, and insecurity. But, you had much more confidence and faith in yourself and your ideas. After a couple of...

Business Drowning in Debt

If your business is drowning in debt, it can be saved if you are willing to do what it takes to survive. And then I want you to thrive. Do you want that? Then?

Stop the Cascade!

Beware the cascade effect. That’s when we are facing something bad and we allow that thing to cascade to a billion pending disasters rather than just dealing with it!