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Tell Her (or Him) to Shut Up

Hey Luminaries!

You’re going to have trouble with this tip but I promise you, if you do what I tell you, things will get better fast. Ready, Luminary?! Let’s get started.

There’s a little monster that lives in your head. It might be male and it might be female. Either way, it has a very strong voice and never shuts up. Buddhists call it something like ‘monkey brain’. That’s a decent description. This monkey is jumping around the inside of its cage, which happens to be your skull, and it’s making a mess of your business life. Duck! Here comes a handful of monkey crap. Now it’s screaming for you to get off this page! Don’t go. I’m going to help you tame your monkey.

If you’re having a hard time with your business, that monkey up there in the executive suite is distracting you. When are about to make a decision, that monkey starts banging the cage and screaming at you about risk and failure. Want to quote a job or item? That damn monkey will tell you your price is too high! You’ll never get the deal! You aren’t worth that!

Most people will say that they don’t have that big of a problem with their monkey. Okay, listen to me. You are worth a lot more than you are making. Say that to yourself like this, “I am worth a lot more than I am making.” Say it out loud. Now close your eyes and listen.

You can hear that monkey telling you all the reasons you cannot raise your price.

Do you hear any voices telling you that you can and should raise your price because you are better than the cheapest out there and that you are worth more? No, you don’t. Try to shut the monkey up and the harder you try, the more noise that monkey will make.

Here’s the deal. YOU are a Luminary. That monkey is like the crazy relative we have to invite for Thanksgiving but we really don’t want around. You can’t get rid of ’em, but you can get a bit more control over ’em.

How to Control Your Mental Monkey

This is going to take a lot of practice and maybe some outside help. The first thing is to make note of the times when your monkey starts to chatter. Some monkeys are loud and nasty. Some will chatter non-stop. Some throw poop. When you know what gets the monkey started, you catch the bastard before doing you damage.

You’re about to make a decision. “You’re wrong! If you had good judgment, you wouldn’t be struggling.” You get a call from a bill collector. “You are a flake. Only losers get calls like that.” You didn’t the sale. “See loser! You charged too much.”

When you know that beast is going to start chattering, be somewhere quiet. Go outside. Go to another room. Go to the bathroom if that’s your only option. Take a couple of slow, deep breaths. Then say to the monkey upstairs, “no, you are always wrong about me. You will now shut up.” Then you must say to yourself, “I’m a Luminary. I work hard and I deserve to make great money. I don’t do average work. I do great work and I deserve to be paid well.”

It wouldn’t hurt to try a little meditation but I’m not going to push my luck today. I just told you that there is a money in your head. That’s enough to deal with today. Just be sure that you DEAL WITH THE MONKEY. If you can’t shut the money up by yourself, call me. Monkeys often go away when you’re talking with someone like me. I will only talk business and give you encouragement that will drive that money into silence. For a while. It’ll be back but with practice, you’ll be banishing that damn monkey in no time.

The next time your monkey starts chattering at you stop and say, “Shut up! I’ve got this. I’m a freakin’ Luminary.”

Then come back to this page and tell me about it.

Have your best day ever, Luminaries!


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