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Chris Reich

What’s With the Luminary Thing

Hey Luminaries!

I thought I had better explain this Luminary thing. Luminaries:

  1. Make more money than they need
  2. Are leaders in their business communities
  3. Give back to causes and people they believe in
  4. Have high standards of right and wrong

What’s that mean?

You have bills, right? If you had plenty of money to pay your bills, live the life you want to live, and put some aside in savings, you’d be making enough. After those things, if you make a little more, it’s more than you NEED. STOP! I didn’t say more than you deserve! I want you to have money left over. And, I don’t give a rip about how you define ‘more than you need’. That might be $5,000 a month and it might be $1 million a year.

Luminaries are leaders. They are respected. They give back. They care about right and wrong. You want those things, Right?

When you started your business, weren’t those the goals you had in mind? You didn’t go into business to struggle. You went into business to make money. When does that start? If you’re past your third year and still struggling, Houston, you have a problem. Get to work with me and turn your life around. This website is new but I’ve been helping businesses for over 25 years.

Why “Luminary”?

I chose the term “Luminary” because it fits. We need to be the light in the business community. We need to be leaders. Calling on you to be a Luminary is a very convenient short-hand for saying, “Make more money than you need so that you can give back. Do right. Be a leader.” See? Be a Luminary.

This also gives you something to be a part of. I take care of my fellow Luminaries and so should you. We aren’t perfect. We deserve encouragement. We work hard and we deserve to be paid for the GREAT work we do. That’s being a Luminary.

Any questions?

Then Have Your Best Day Ever, Luminaries!

Chris Reich, Luminary

Let’s Start Something Gnu. Get There.

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